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Social Security Disability FAQ’s

Do you have Social Security Disability questions?  Here are answers to some of the more common questions people have about SSDI.

If you need more answers, a Freedom Disability Eligibility Consultant can help you and give you the guidance you need to determine if you are eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. If you have a case, a Freedom Disability Advocate will work with you to prepare a winning application for disability benefits.

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How do I qualify for Social Security benefits?

The Social Security Administration follows strict medical and work-history guidelines to determine eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. You must have paid into the Social Security system through FICA taxes and have a recent-enough work history. You also must have a disabling  medical condition that is expected to prevent you from working for 12 months and  earning above the level of Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). The 2010 SGA income level is $1,000 per month and $1,640 per month for the blind and vision impaired.

How long must I be unable to work to qualify for Social Security benefits?

Your medical condition  must have kept you from working for at least 12 months. If you have been unable to work for at least a year, or believe your condition will prevent you from working that long, you should consider applying for disability benefits.

 How does the Social Security Administration decide if I am disabled?

SSA follows a five-step disability determination process. Your medical condition must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability. SSA will also review your current work history, skills, age, education, and ability to adapt to different work.

What if they decide I’m not disabled, but I still feel I deserve benefits?

If SSA denies your first-time SSDI application because they feel you do not meet their disability criteria, you can appeal that decision. You have 60 days from the date of your denial letter to request an appeal. The Appeals process can be long and complicated. However, it does provide you with your best opportunity to prove eligibility of disability benefits, especially at the hearing level. It is highly recommended that you find a qualified disability advocacy group such as Freedom Disability to help you.

What type of benefits will I receive?

Once you have been approved for Social Security Disability Insurance, you receive:

  • Cash Benefits:
    You will begin receiving cash benefits approximately six months after becoming disabled. Payments are made monthly. SSA prefers to direct-deposit payments so, if you do not have a bank account, SSA will strongly recommend that you establish one. The amount you receive is based on your earnings history and will continue for as long as you are uable to work and your medical condition has not improved. SSA conducts periodic reviews of all SSDI cases to  determine continued eligibility of disability benefits.
  • Medicare:
    You will be eligible for Medicare 24 months after receiving SSDI benefits.  However, if you have a serious illness such as kidney failure and you require dialysis, you may qualify immediately.
  • Social Security Retirement Benefits Insurance (Protection of Social Security Cash Benefits)
    Social Security Disability Insurance benefits automatically converts into retirement benefits when you reach retirement age. By establishing that your absence from the work force is due to a disability, you are assured that the Social Security Administration will not reduce your future retirement benefits.

How long does the application process take?

The SSDI initial application process typically takes three to five months.   Appeals of denied claims may take significantly longer. Due to the extensive backlog of claimants waiting for appeals hearings with an Administrative Law Judge, it could take a year to get approved. Getting started with a Freedom Disablity Advocate  could save significant time in getting the disablity benefits you need.

How long after I am approved will I begin receiving benefits?

Your entitlement date for monthly benefits is set after a mandatory waiting period of five full months after SSA determines the date of your disability.  SSA also compensates you for the period of time it takes to approve your application. You receive a one-time-only lump sum that represents the number of months you were entitled to benefits.

How much will I receive if I am approved for Social Security benefits?

Your monthly payments are based on your lifetime earnings in addition to other adjusting factors including whether or not you are receiving other  types of disability insurance such as Workers’ Compensation payments, or Public Disability payments.

Why should I work with Freedom Disability?

We are Social Security Disability experts. Our trained Freedom Disability Advocates know how to prepare high-quality first-time applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Insurance Income (SSI) benefits. We win over 90 percent of claims through Appeals. We are professional, compassionate and responsive to each and every person who chooses us to advocate for them to get the disability benefits they deserve. There are no upfront fees required and we cover extra costs to support your claim, such as medical records, if necessary. Freedom Disability receives a one-time-only percentage fee determined by SSA only if we win your case.

We understand the challenges you face. And, we are committed to getting you the benefits you deserve the first time. If you must appeal your case, we stand with you on through to approval. Freedom Disability is with you every step of the way to winning benefits, because we want you to win back the freedom to live your life.

What can I expect from my Freedom Disability Advocate?

Your Freedom Disability Advocate assists you every step of the way to winning disability benefits.There is a lot of paperwork required when applying for SSDI benefits. Your Advocate will prepare all documentation to build a winning claim. Your Advocate files  your application and all required forms with the Social Security Administration and stays in touch with you to keep you updated throughout the approval process. A Freedom Disability Advocate cares passionately about helping you get the financial support you have earned and deserve.

How can I contact Freedom Disability?

Freedom Disability provides compassionate and efficient advocacy services to thousands of individuals with disabilities every month. Call us at (866) 761-5942 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Or submit an online request for a free evaluation of your disability case.

Freedom Disability is a national Social Security disability advocacy group located at 19 Forest Parkway, Shelton, Connecticut, 06484. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.